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This simple online-editor allows you to enter or modify various printer data streams supported by . Actually ZPL (unsig '^'), Prescribe (using '!R!') and IGP / PGL (using '~') data can be processes.

After conversion by the result is shown as a number of images depending on the number of pages converted.


You can either enter a completely new string of data into the editor panel to the left, or you can drop the content of the clipboard into it. Also you can load an existing file from your local drives by clicking the Open button, or you drop a file into the empty (!) editor panel (UTF-8 encoded files only).

When loading a file it is very important to select the correct data encoding first, because inside the editor all data must be handled as Unicode. Various code pages needed by our customers are offered in the dropdown menu Data Encoding. When a conversion is started, the correct encoding is reconstructed prior to sending the data to the appropriate converter.

The conversion is started by a click to the Convert button. As soon as conversion is finished, the result of the conversion will be shown as a number of images representing the pages (labels) printed. If multiple pages were printed, pages can be toggled by clicks onto Next Page or Previous Page buttons.

Each page can be zoomed in and out with the Zoom in respectively the Zoom out button. Another method to zoom is implemented by rotating the mouse wheel. The viewport of enlarged pages can be shifted aroud by holding the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

To restart for a new conversion click onto the Continue button that appears a few seconds after the actual conversion has finished. If you think the conversion is faulty you can click onto the Fault button. This forces a copy of the editor's content to be uploaded to one of our servers. We will inspect the data and in case of a real fault we will try to fix our converter.

We will be happy if you help us to improve . Thanks a lot!


Usage of this web editor is according to our Privacy Statement published on the web site. All your data entered into the editor will be deleted from our server after one hour. Keep this in mind if you want to inspect converted pages created such a long time ago.

Thank you for using !
Web-App Release 1.1